CEF Specialized Book Ministry

The Ministry is part of the International Ministries department of Child Evangelism Fellowship® Inc. and aims to assist children’s evangelists worldwide to teach God’s Word. We desire to help and encourage those whose goal is to evangelise children.

Dr Sam Doherty BA, Ed.D an experienced teacher and children’s worker for over 60 years, has written a large number of publications especially for children’s workers. Sam was used of God to start the ministry of CEF in his native Ireland in 1950, and after 14 years in Ireland he took on new challenges as CEF Regional Director for Europe, which he led for 29 years. His latter years have been devoted to a writing ministry.

Sam retired from Child Evangelism Fellowship in July 2007 leaving a legacy of publications that will serve generations to come. God has uniquely blessed the ministry of Sam and his wife Sadie.

Almost 100 titles have been produced in English and books have been printed in 72 languages. Each book contains wise and clear counsel for those reaching children today, drawn on the long and wide experience that Sam has had in children’s work. The publications are in four groups:

➢          Devotional Books to help the worker in their own spiritual walk.

➢          Training Manuals to instruct in how best to reach the children.

➢          Visualized Doctrinal Lessons to give tools for teaching Bible truths to children.

➢          Biblical Principles Booklets – 8 page booklets giving help for life and service

Those involved in Biblical ministry to children are invited to download or request hard copy of the publications through this web site. A few Visualized Doctrinal Lessons can also be downloaded as PowerPoint presentations. Many of these publications are also now available on ‘Amazon Kindle’. If you search for ‘Sam Doherty’ you will see list of books available. They are at a very nominal cost.

If you are requesting hard copies of books, please be selective, asking only for those books that you can profitably use. If you live in Nigeria or Philippines your request will be forwarded to the CEF office where they will supply from available stocks. If you live in the UK your request will be from our Bangor, N Ireland office. All other countries are supplied from stock at the International Office in USA. It can take up to 12 weeks for packages to reach certain countries.

An additional ministry is also available online – where you can access a series of booklets on ‘Biblical Principles for life and service’. They are available in various formats for digital devices. Click on the ‘Booklets’ tab for more information.

The CEF Specialized Book Ministry looks to God to supply the large amounts of finance needed to carry out this important work, and God has been pleased to do this through His people from many countries. Our policy is to print only when finance is available and to distribute to children’s workers free of charge or at a low cost. Many of those who receive the books desire to help further the ministry by sending a donation – see the donation page.

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