A devotional commentary on Acts by Kenneth Martin

310 pages

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A devotional commentary of the Acts of the Apostles by Kenneth Martin

310 pages

This is a well-balanced and insightful exposition from a faithful servant who, with his wife, devoted his life to evangelism. New believers will benefit from using this book as will seasoned saints. I heartily recommend it.

Warren W. Wiersbe
Author of the BE series
A former pastor of Moody Church, Chicago.


The Christians of the first century did not have huge financial resources behind them nor were there any great learned or noble men amongst them. They faced the imperial might of the Roman Empire, the sophistication of the Greek culture and the fanatical bigotry of Judaism and yet they did so much with so little. The secret of their great influence and rapid growth was indicated in the words of the Saviour in Acts 1:8; “You shall receive power…”

In this book Kenneth Martin, a dedicated Christian worker who is highly esteemed by his peers, gives a detailed and devotional commentary of the acts of the Risen and Ascended Christ. He is well qualified to do so for Kenneth has proved, through almost fifty years of ministry, the same risen Lord Jesus is still active today. I wholeheartedly commend this book to you.

Victor Maxwell
Pastor, missionary and author.


This book is an excellent example of what may happen, if you take your daily Bible reading seriously. You will not only get a lot out of your time with God for yourself, you will also be able to equip others for the work of ministry (Eph. 4:12). What has started as Quiet Time thoughts has become a great verse by verse commentary with very helpful and ready to use applications.

It is worth to mention that this commentary is easy to read not only for those who have English as their first language. And once you have started you want to continue. May God grant that the purpose of this book will be fulfilled to bring the power of God into the lives of those who build the church of Jesus Christ today.

Gerd-Walter Buskies, Child Evangelism Fellowship European Director 


The Acts of the Apostles is not only a vivid record of the spread of the gospel in the early days of Christianity, but a study of its contents also provides energy and enthusiasm for those who are concerned to see the gospel growing and spreading in today’s world. I believe that you will find this commentary to be a help in that study. In face of opposition and problems, the first Christians were empowered by the Holy Spirit to witness and to share the good news of a crucified and risen Saviour. As we face mounting hostility to the gospel in many places, may the same Holy Spirit energise and empower us in our witness for Christ.

Stafford Carson
Principal and Professor of Ministry Union Theological College
Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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